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Cirrus continue to support ULM

29th June 2021

The University of Liverpool Motorsport (ULM) is a team of 30 mechanical engineering students who design, build and test a race car over the course of the academic year.

Each summer, they represent our university at the illustrious Formula Student competition, hosted at the Silverstone race circuit. The team enters a brand-new vehicle every year and are proudly sponsored by Cirrus Laser and have been for several years. Motor racing is a passion of our MD, Dave Connaway, so this is a way that Cirrus can give something back to the young aspiring engineers of the future.

Since the relaxation of national lockdowns, the team have been given the green light to continue manufacturing. Below is some commentary from the team’s communication lead.

Since April, the frame and body of the car have made real headway, with layup of the innovative faceted carbon fibre monocoque and curing, as well as welding of the rear brace and the main hoop.

Cirrus Laser has cut and prepared several items that are currently undergoing in-house bending such as the fuel tank, shock mounts, and headrest. The suspension mounts backing plates were used to distribute the loads over the chassis’ surface preventing the core from crushing.

 The 5.3 litre aluminium 3103 fuel tank featured in the latest generation car, is a custom wedge shape to fit the engine bay and lower the centre of mass. The tank contains baffle foam to prevent fuel sloshing and therefore, improve handling. Large radii added to prevent aluminium cracking and the filler neck position has been optimised for accessibility. Our exhaust heat shield this year features a novel double-skin design that acts as ‘double-glazed window’, insulating the exhaust and protecting important components in the engine bay.

Immediate plans of the team include welding of the fuel tank and exhaust as well as mould preparation, lay-up and curing of carbon fibre parts.

 The team aims to have a running car by 18th June.