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New machinery at Cirrus Laser

30th October 2017

Along with Laser #12, the Trumpf 5030 (L68) with 6kW solid state disk laser, which is now fully in place and working really well. we met with Trumpf who informed us of the new functionality of our latest implementation Laser #13 (L49). 

This is a 3000x1500mm flat bed machine with 4kW solid state disk laser, however, unlike Laser #12 with separate laser the new machine with lower optical power has built-in laser. Again being a solid state laser the beam delivery is through a twin co-axial fiber optic, the inner 100 micron core for cutting thin materials and the outer 400 micron fiber for cutting thick materials with BrightLine Trumpf technology.

Since Laser #13 arrived in May we have been totally solid state and after 30 years of trading as Nimbus Laser and Cirrus Laser our last CO2 gas laser departed when the new machine arrived. We had the first Trumpf solid state flat bed laser in the UK in 2011 and in 2016 Trumpf sold only one CO2 gas laser flat bed machine, the rest being solid state.A big change for the laser industry! 

Solid state has a lower wavelength in the visible spectrum than the old CO2 lasers and when cutting stainless steel with vinyl coating we cannot cut through the old style vinyl films. Even if the film says “Laser Film” this will not be suitable for our machines. Vinyl coating must be ordered as “Fiber Friendly vinyl coating” and the coating will be printed as “Fiber Friendly”. This is important if you are sending free issue material for Cirrus Laser to cut and you have specified vinyl coating.

All steel stockholders can use the correct vinyl film, please make sure your order specifies “Fiber Friendly”.

Along with these two new laser machines we installed a new Pemserter Series 2000 press with automation due to an increased requirement from an existing client, whose US based customer required some electrical equipment housing, requiring tens of thousands of M3 self clinching nuts to be inserted. The new machine was delivered in October and has already inserted thousands of M3 nuts, the cycle time is less than half the time for our old Pemserter Series 4 manual machine.

Over the next few months, we will be giving you a detailed overview to the new machinery with some pictures and new video footage with an explanation to the specification and their capabilities.