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Laser #12 arrives from Switzerland

24th October 2016

Following a busy week removing Laser #8, finally our new machine, Laser #12, arrives.

We have had a very busy few weeks lately. It started with the decommissioning of Laser #8, then it's removal from the building. This then left us the job of cleaning the area, touching up the floor and walls and preparing the factory for the arrival of our newest machine, Laser #12.

We have taken a series of photos showing the old machine in place, it's removal, the area being cleaned (we even got a photo of Dave with a vacuum cleaner in his hand!) and finally some photos of the new machine arriving, it's route to it's new home in the building and finally a photo of Laser #12 in place all working.

The first series of photos are the removal of Laser #8, the cleaning and preparing of the area. 

The next series show Laser #8 leaving the building.

The last series are the arrival of Laser #12 arriving and being moved into position.

We will be producing some more footage of the new machine in place for you all to see in the near future.