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New machinery

27th June 2016

The time has come to retire laser #8 and it will be replaced by laser #12, a solid piece of machinery, a Trumpf 5030 L68, due in September this year.

Steve Warden of Trumpf visited us at the SubCon show this year to confirm the order we have made for our next laser machine, laser #12, the Trumpf 5030 (L68) with 6Kw disk laser and beam delivery through twin core fibre optic, enabling optimum cutting for both thick and thin materials. Like the machine it replaces, it will have a nozzle changing station, and will be fitted to our existing sheet handling automation. 

Additionally, we have specified the water injection option. This process injects de-mineralised water through the nozzle tip, cooling the material being cut, which is important for cutting thick mild steel with oxygen assist gas. This machine will be financed through a 5 year operating lease, including full warranty and servicing for the duration of the contract. We should take delivery of the new machine in September.