COVID-19 Update from Cirrus Laser

18th March 2020

With the latest direction that is being given by the government, we wanted to update our customers on the approach we are taking at Cirrus Laser to the COVID-19 outbreak.

We think the best way forward here at Cirrus Laser is to carry on business as normal and help our customers in the best way we can, but at the same time protect our workforce from infection with COVID-19.

We have plenty of stocks of sheet material for laser and water jet cutting, however, as the virus spreads across the UK in the coming weeks material supplies could be interrupted.

We request that all site visitors upon arrival to the factory immediately use our facilities to thoroughly wash and dry their hands, they will be directed to washing facilities by our reception staff, physical greetings will be kept to a minimum.

Throughout the factory we have introduced sanitised bins that are frequently emptied to aid in the removal of tissues and wipes, reducing the spreading of infections. We would encourage that anyone needing to capture sneezes should use these facilities. Our staff, both office and factory floor machine operators are regularly disinfecting their multi-user operated screens and keyboards to again reduce the risk of spreading viruses.

It may be a better suggestion to encourage anyone showing any signs of cold/ flu like symptoms to kindly telephone us with your request rather than visiting the factory. We apologise for these tough and stringent rules, but we feel it necessary to adhere to the government guidelines.

As and when the guidelines are relaxed, we will inform you immediately as we want to return as soon as possible to our open door policy of welcoming all customers.

For the foreseeable future we have had positive feedback from our customers in putting all store/ factory tours on hold until it is deemed correct to reinstate this popular service. Unless customers specifically request a visit from a Cirrus Laser staff member we will not be travelling to customer sites. Our sales team will not make unsolicited visits.

Be safe, follow health guidelines and help those less fortunate.

Best Regards - Cirrus Laser Sales Team