Cirrus Laser onboard new MERP

20th January 2019

Cirrus Laser have chosen the M1 MERP software product from ECi

After a great deal of time and due-diligence, Cirrus Laser have chosen and onboarded the M1 MERP (Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning) software. 

The product helps companies, like ours, to grow by integrating every facet of the business within a single, robust system. From accounting to inventory, purchasing, sales, and production, to shipping and receiving, M1 streamlines critical daily processes. The advantage M1 provides is real-time visibility into all aspects of your business, enabling you to respond proactively as needs arise. M1 fits the way you do business, helping you grow your operation, improve efficiency, and increase profitability.

Please click on the thumbnail below to view an overview to the product.

Our company and our clients will benefit from the new system, through an improved end-to-end for all customer projects. 

See below an infographic depicting the benefits of the M1 software. Please click on the thumbnail to view the whole image.