This service is provided with a range of sizes from M2 to M12. 

Parts are clamped in a vice on the bench of the ARM950 Tapping machine. The Pantographic Arm on the machine maintains the Tap in a constant orthogonal position to the work piece. 

The Tap is driven by compressed air in both forward and reverse directions.

Key features:

  • 950mm reach
  • Reduce tap breakage
  • Removes tapping operations from machine tools
  • Easy to re-align with threaded holes to remove contamination after painting or coating processes
  • Blind hole tapping with a slipping clutch to prevent tool breakage 
  • Through hole tapping

Factory Tour

Come and see the other Secondary Ops we offer on a tour of the factory. This can be arranged by calling Mike Martyn on 01273 252 563 or you can contact us.

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