Threaded Fasteners

Cirrus Laser provides this service with 3 pieces of machinery.

1. Pemserter Series 2000 with automation is an air driven machine and can insert a range of self clinching studs, nuts, stand-offs and rivnuts, typically from M2 to M10 thread sizes. We have automation for M3 nuts, M4 nuts, M5 studs and M3 stand-offs. A vibratory bowl transfers fasteners to the punch for insertion to the components. 

2. FAR KJ60, a hand held riveting tool, inserting the nuts at a very high speed. This process is used primarily when access to the rear of the component is not possible. This is a blind riveting method. Hexagonal fasteners are used when possible to prevent rotation of the fastener in service. 

Key features of the FAR KJ60:

  • The main body is manufactured in a high density aluminium casting.
  • The oleopneumatic cylinders are made of high quality steel, providing the tool with a great resistance.
  • Powerful and innovative.
  • Riveting capacity up to M-8.
  • Pistons covered with anti-wearing material, ensuring a smooth operation

3. Flowdrill for drilling and the Flowtap for tapping.

Key features of the Flowdrill:

  • It is a chip less process
  • It is capable of strong threaded connections for metric, imperial and gas threads
  • It is capable of drilling steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium and brass
  • Suited to blind applications with limited access to rear of component
  • It is an environmentally friendly, no waste, no separate fasteners, and recyclable

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