Waterjet Cutting Machines

Water Jet #1  - Flow WMC2 dynamic water jet cutting machine. Single cutting head, 3x2 metre cutting table, 60,000 psi pump, and dynamic cutting head. This machine will cut just about any material up to 100mm thick.

The water jet process uses a stream of high pressure water to either directly cut soft materials (paper, rubber) or for hard materials an injection of garnet is used to cut the material. Garnet is naturally mined fine sand that is sieved to produce a known grain size and we can use 80 mesh, 120 mesh or 200 mesh garnet. Grain size diminishes with higher mesh numbers and although the cut edge is smoother with smaller grain size the cut time and piece part cost is increased.

The cut edge is similar in appearance to a sand blasted finish and depending on the application we change the cutting speed to achieve a pre-determined finish.

Factory Tour

Come and see our machines in action on a tour of the factory. This can be arranged by calling Mike Martyn on 01273 252 563 or you can contact us.