Laser Cutting Machines

Below you will find the technical overview to each of our laser cutting machines and associated components.

Laser #10 - Trumpf TruMark Station 1000 has a 12 watt TruMark 3130 fibre laser to laser mark using annealing, white engraving or black engraving methods of operation. A flexible marking laser for applications with minimal heat input and tasks with higher pulse repetition frequencies. For a wide range of different marking techniques, materials and marking content. The enclosure can accommodate a part size of approximately 250 x 150mm with a marking area of 110x110mm, also fitted with a rotary axis for marking cylindrical components.

Laser #11 - Trumpf TruLaser Cell 3000. The first customer installation of this prestigious Trumpf machine in the UK with 5 axis welding head and 5 axis cutting head. Beam delivery is through a 2 in 1 fiber optic developed for solid-state lasers enabling the same optical cable to be used for both welding and cutting.

A second workstation for our 6kW Disk Laser equipped with horizontal and vertical axes rotary chuck, cutting or welding head with +/- 135 degree rotation and fast vibration free X, Y & Z axes. Highly reflective materials can be cut or welded with the 6kW Disk laser. Productive pallet changer, small HAZ when welding, spot & seam welding and rapid access door mechanism.

Laser #12 (5030Fibre) and Laser #13 (3030Fibre) - Both machines have all flying optic operation with Siemens touch screen controller and direct network and internet connection. Solid State Disk laser within a fibre optic beam delivery system. The output to both machines uses 100 micron fibre for cutting thin materials and 400 micron fibre for cutting thick materials, typically 8mm and above. 

Both machines have a maximum sheet size 3 x 1.5 metre, twin change tables, with the 5030 able to deal with 235m/min rapid speed. Single cutting head technology with 200mm focal length focusing optics, AutoLas Plus focusing, automatic nozzle tip cleaning and changing unit and BrightLine for cutting thicker materials, Copper and Brass cutting package. Laser#12 has CoolLine which uses water injection on thick mild steel to cool the material during the cutting process.

Laser #12 is connected to the Liftmaster Compact the 5030Fiber can be loaded and unloaded as part of a sheet production plan either programmed off-line or on the machine. Vacuum suckers can lift a single 25mm thick steel sheet, remove the cut skeleton and parts using the tines on the unloading station and then brush the table before loading the new sheet on the change table. Thin sheets are checked to prevent multiple sheet loading.

Factory Tour

Come and see our machines in action on a tour of the factory. This can be arranged by calling Mike Martyn on 01273 252 563 or you can contact us.